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Map of USA Geothermal Power Hotspots

Map of USA Geothermal Power Hotspots
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Geothermal Energy News; Ram Power merging with Western Geo and Polaris Geothermal

Ram Power to merge with WGP and GEO

In August 2009, Ram Power Inc. of Reno, Nev., raised almost $180-million ($165m US$) by selling 60-million subscription receipts, which will eventually be converted to shares on the TSX.

Ram is amalgamating operations with those of two other public companies, Western GeoPower Corp. and Polaris Geothermal Inc.

Article on Ram Power takeover / merger of/with Western GeoPower and Polaris Geothermal

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Top 9 Geothermal Energy Stocks, by Market Capitalization

Here are some of the best publicly-traded geothermal power stocks to research and consider for your longterm growth portfolio:

Company Stock Symbol Price Mkt Cap

(Pricing at about 11.15am 15sep09)

* = CDN$

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Speculative Microcap Geothermal Energy Companies

For those who are looking for the closest thing to a blue chip stock in the green energy investing sector, well, you could do a lot worse than Ormat Technologies, the leading USA geothermal power company, and a global pioneer.

For those hoping to discover the next Ormat, here are a few smaller geothermal energy stocks for you to begin researching:

Company  Stock Symbol Price Mkt Cap

Raser Technologies RZ 3.60 212.08M

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bargain Green Energy Stocks; Investments for the Obama Rally

Yes global stock markets have taken a pounding and continue to suffer from high levels of fear and capitulation, and these are both signs of an impending bottom. When the markets turn, and they will, green power companies will be among equity market leaders.

Here are some alternative energy stocks that are off at least 50% from their highs, yet would appear to have years of high growth potential ahead of them.

Flywheel Technology energy storage company has proven that 25 flywheels can store and deliver a megawatt of energy, and in recent tests has shown how ten of its new flywheels operating as one system can store and flow one megawatt. Down to $1.14 from a high of just 2.49, this little known green stock may in future years play a crucial role in steadying energy flows. 

First Solar (FSLR)

The undisputed global market leader in the solar photovoltaics industry, FSLR designs and manufactures solar panels utilizing thin film semiconductor technology; cadmium telluride used to convert sunlight into electricity. The one medium term concern is tellurium supply, but with the shares at 127.43 (down from a high of 317), one may be staring at an opportunity to own the next Google.

Comverge Inc. is a clean energy company with substantial revenues, from providing peaking and base load capacity to electric utilities, grid operators and associated electricity markets. At 4.15 the stock is off 85% from its high. I don't know much about this company but am fascinated by the steepness of the drop, as the firm has revenue and cash in the bank. Worth looking into.

Ormat Technologies (ORA)

A true American success story, at 27.42, ORA shares are down over half from a high of 57.93. ORA develops, owns and operates geothermal power and recovered energy-based electricity power plants in the United States and renewable geothermal power plants in other countries around the world, and sells the electricity generated by these plants. Much of the equipment utilized is designed and maunfactured by Ormat.

AMSC supplies electrical systems used in wind turbines; sells power electronic products that regulate wind farm voltage to enable their interconnection to the power grid; licenses wind energy system designs to manufacturers of such systems, and provides consulting services to the wind industry, At 14.20 (down from 47.53), the shares present an interesting entry point for access to a wind-related stock with explosive revenue growth.

Leading USA company is a major provider of wind power, solar energy, water desalination / purification and other emerging technology systems and services. At 20.65, the stock is down by half, trades at a P/E of 9.7 and yields 6%!

Applied Materials (AMAT) Inc. 

High quality USA clean energy technology company offering the SunFab thin film solar line of photovoltaic electricity systems. Based in Santa Clara, California, AMAT yields 1.92% at today's close of 12.47 and trades at a reasonable P/E of just 15.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Alphabetical List of Top Renewable Power Websites and Blogs

Green Energy Investing links, find blogs on clean energy technology, global wind power industry, thin film solar photovoltaic power companies, green mutual funds, links to alternative energy companies and other publicly-traded renewable power investments.

Best of the Best Green Power Investing Websites:

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bargains emerging in geothermal power stocks? 4 geothermal energy companies to research

Look for renewable energy mutual funds and clean green power investment funds holding stocks like these and consider dollar-cost averaging into some of them.

Ormat Technologies

Global geothermal power industry leader, the close of Friday, September 19th, 2008 of 43.62, equals a market capitalization of $2 billion, and represents a discount off the year's high of 57.93.

Calpine Corporation

Geothermal power producer is also America's largets producer of CHP Combine Heat and Power electricity generation, with 8,000 of its 24,000 megawatts being CHP installations. Major USA clean power producer seems undervalued relative to other renewable energy stocks. At 14.31 versus a year high of 23.36, a lot of air is out of it now, but the market capitalization of $6 billion plus a P/E of 2 indicates debt concerns are still out there.

More speculative:

Nevada Geothermal Power

At friday's close of 0.76, the stock now represents a market cap of 72mil is down by half from its high of 1.55.

Western Geopower

Developing a 35 megawatt geothermal power plant in northern California, Western Geo may be fine for risk takers looking at exciting penny stocks. The close of 0.225 (down from 0.50) gives the firm a market cap of just over 42 million, and with over 1,000 acres in The Geysers project plus the South Meager (potential 100 megawatts in British Columbia) in development, it may be time for the brave to take a look at this one.

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